What do we fly?

Geneal Model Aviation

Fly ’em if you got ’em! our members enjoy a wide range of various models from Jets, scale civil and military models, gliders, helicopters, drones and more.  You will find us out at the field most weekends weather permitting, come along and have a go!


All types of models are welcome at TAA.

IMAC – International Miniature Aerobatic Club

Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association regularly host event organised by the Australian Scale Aerobatics Association (ASAA). IMAC, also known as scale aerobatics, is a discipline of radio-controlled model flying that involves flying scale models of full-sized aerobatic competition aircraft. The goal is to perform a set sequence of maneuvers that are as close as possible to the maneuvers performed by full-sized aircraft.


Learn more about IMAC in Australia

Pylon Racing

Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association regularly hosts Pylon racing events covering many classes from Scanner racing & Quickie 500 to Australia One and F3D/F3E. TAA is the home field of Aussie Champion pilots who have represented Pylon Racing on behalf of Australia. If you have the need for Speed, Pylon racing might just be for you!

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F3A - Precision Aerobatics

Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association regularly host F3A competitions. F3A flying is a challenging and rewarding hobby that requires a high degree of skill and precision. Pilots must be able to control their aircraft with great accuracy in order to execute the maneuvers perfectly. They must also be able to fly their aircraft smoothly and consistently, as even small errors can result in deductions from the judges.


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Warbird Fun flys

Calling all RC warbird enthusiasts!

We host Warbird fun flys, inviting fellow Warbird enthusiasts from far and near to enjoy our great field and friendly atmosphere. Warbirds of all types and sizes are welcome to join in the fun, and we always have a great time flying together.

Our fun flys are a great opportunity to meet other Warbird enthusiasts, share tips and tricks, and learn from each other. 

We hope to see you at our next fun fly!

Helicopter Fun flys

Experience a great weekend of fun at our Heli Fun Fly events. Join us for a relaxed and enjoyable time as heli enthusiasts gather to share their passion for hobby. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, our event offers a welcoming atmosphere where you can learn, connect, and explore the world of radio-controlled helicopters. Come along and have a fly or simply relax and enjoy the sight of these miniature marvels taking flight. 

We look forward to seeing you at the field!